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Большинство людей в действительности не хотят свободы, потому что она предполагает ответственность, а ответственность большинство людей страшит.

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I help people, suffering the most different problems caused by infringements in mental sphere. Basically it is neurosises, easy depressions, personal frustration, desire " to understand itself " etc.
In work психотерапевта there is no certain set of diagnoses with which it(he) works: I work with people and their emotional, psychological problems, namely such problems are individual for each person. With me as with the psychologist, it is possible as a minimum to talk on any theme, and as the psychiatrist I can treat the broad audience of mental diseases, even such, as neurotic frustration, a manic - depressive psychosis and a schizophrenia.
Unfortunately, in our modern hasty life more and more people require conversations with the psychoanalyst as much depends on our composure very much: career, home life, and love to life. At times, even from a strong psychosis, the person suffers less than from easy depression.
Probably, it is meaningful to tell about how pass our conversations a little.
Certainly, I can not know about you more, than you know about yourselves, but I own various methods which will allow us to learn(find out) together with you about you even more owing to what we and shall find the decision of your problem.
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