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Большинство людей в действительности не хотят свободы, потому что она предполагает ответственность, а ответственность большинство людей страшит.

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Dr. Gio Di Feo is an Italian born  psychoanalyst who received an additional degree in psychoanalysis at the Institute of Psychoanalysis of Moscow State University. He has also undergone three didactic years of psychoanalysis in the Russian language with the famous Dr. V. M. Lebin in order to get the Russian Certificate of Psychoanalyst, allowing him to legally practice in Russia. Dr. Di Feo has lived in Russia for several years and speaks excellent Russian due to the fact that he also has a degree in Russian Language and Literature. Thanks to extended travel and business in the United States, Latin America and Europe, Dr. Di Feo also speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and of course, Italian. Due to the fact that doctor Di Feo is a (modest) Zen teacher in the tradition of Master Tich Nhat Hahn, he has been able to incorporate Western and Eastern psychoanalysis in his practice. Dr. Di Feo’s compassion has always given good results, not only in solving psychological problems, but also in developing the human potential in every one of us. In addition, Dr. Di Feo has a very good knowledge of Biofeedback techniques for stress control and reduction. He has used this technique in his sessions with great results.
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